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Custom Map – GRB Operation Ebony Eyes

We are proud to present to you the Final release of GRB Operation Ebony Eyes by |GRB| Raze for Battlefield Vietnam. This map is great for 10-32 players. In fact, it plays so well, The Team Warfare League has made it an official map for their 5 vs. 5 Ladder. Considering how picky League play can be, I think it is the ultimate compliment to the quality and playability of this map.

Did we mention the skyscapers? They Rock! Grab it now and we will see you online!

Huge Update on Upcoming Battlefield Vietnam 1.2 Patch

Ok, Now I am starting to get excited. In September, EA and DICE plan to release the 1.2 patch for Battlefield Vietnam with what at first look appears to be the some great content and features. Among other things this patch will offer:

3 New Maps including one with a true tunnel systems, one with a concrete sewer system, and another that features tanks as the main event. 9 New Armaments including the A1 Skyraider, quad .50 machine gun AA systems, and a CH-47 with a chaingun.

They have also implemented a feature in multiplayer that allows you to color code the people on your buddy list so that you can finally tell your buddies apart on the mini-map. This ought to help especially in organized play.

No word on fixes to any bugs in the game at this point.

To read the full update go here: EA GAMES | Battlefield Vietnam Update

Eve of Destruction Update

The EOD development team posted a small update on their site today complete with screenshots. It seems that they are currently beta testing their latest release candidate for the conversion of their mod to the BF: Vietnam game engine. If all goes well (and I think it will), they will be releasing it to the general public “soon”. This is good news for those of us who enjoyed the BF42 version of EOD.

For Screenshots and other information, check out their site here: Eve of Destruction

Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night!

Grab your gun Soldier! Its time! Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night Returns. This action starts August 27th at 7:00pm CST and goes until we get tired of playing! This time around, we have a great line up of maps for you.

Server: |GRB|

Radio Nguyen
Last Light
GRB No Remorse
GRB Operation Ebony Eyes
GRB Battleaxe Wetlands

Login and grab the Download.

Battlefield Vietnam Server File Update

Battlefield 1.1 Server File Update Release – An updated Battlefield 1.1 server file is now available for download from EA/DICE. This update addresses the conflict involving NVA Spawn Tunnels and XML Logging. If your server has been crashing with XML Logging turned on, this update should alleviate the issue.

To apply this update, simply extract the included file into the root folder of your server install (typically this is C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield Vietnam Server).

Download the Battlefield 1.1 Server File Update

BFV 1.1 Lag? Possible Fix

We posted this information on the PlanetBattlefield forums, but one of their admins decided it was not worthy of being on the site. Sure, you can find this information if you dig way down into many different posts, but we put it in the first post for everyone to easily find. Oh well. They dont want you to know, but we do. This is one possible fix for the lag problems experienced in Battlefield Vietnams 1.1 patch.

Add the following to your Battlefield Vietnam/ Mods/ BF Vietnam/ Settings/default.con with a text editor:

Game.soundbuffersize 400 (you can go higher with this if you want to play with it some – some guys have it set as high as 1000, I think I set mine at 400 or 500, I cant remember)

and to the videodefault.con in the same folder change “allowallrefreshrates” from 0 to 1

Battlecraft 1.1 Update SOON!

Just an update on for those curious about the crashes using Battlecraft 1.0 and the new patch of Battlefield Vietnam 1.1.

There is a new release of Battlecraft 1.1 that should be coming out within the next couple of days. It was slated to come out at the same time as the new BFV 1.1, but due to overwhelming workload that the EA testing department is under, it has been delayed for a couple days until EA testing can have a chance to ok it for release. The new release of BFV has a new StandardMesh file format that the current BCV is not programmed to handle. It has been addressed in the new release of BCV 1.1. Here are some other things that have been addressed.

Version 1.1
-Fixed bug with default texture set
-Added support for BFV terrain lightmap generation
-Added support for BFV terrain lightmap merging
-Added support for BFV object lightmap generation
-Added new BFV patch 1.1 vehicle support
-Added support for new BFV 1.1 .SM file format.
-Fixed crash bug when OLM does not complete task.
-Added an include command to the .lst to include other .lst files.
-Added back in support for large maps in BCV.
-Add definition in .cfg to specify executable name.
-Changed RFA compression algorythm. File size should be about 1/2 the size.

Hang in there… its coming.
More Here.

FNF – CMN Download Available

The Download for map pack #8 is now available. Due to an unforseen problem, we were unable to add Tranquility to this map pack. We regret not being able to have it this month, but you can bet your sweet patootie it will be included next month!

See you Friday Night starting around 7pm CST. The new maps will be up for testing late Thursday night. Please note we now have a dedicated Custom Map Server running. Here is the server info: Custom Maps
Port: 15567

Public TeamSpeak Server
Port: 8767


Its that time again boys and girls! Battlefield Vietnam Custom Map Night! This time around, we have a brand new Dual Xeon Monster server (thanks to donations from the GRBs) and we will dedicate the whole thing to custom map night if it will allow us to have a lag free frag fest!

The line up includes some great quality maps and one new map from the GRB, called Operation Ebony Eyes featuring some of the coolest high rise buildings you have ever seen. Back by popular demand will be our own Ghost In The Darkness, with some of the coolest tunnels this side of the real thing.

Here is your line up:
Nui Ba Dihn
One Last Try
Vinh Thanh Valley
GRB Operation Ebony Eyes
GRB Ghost in the Darkness

ephil is working on the custom installer and the download should be available sometime in the next two days. Keep it here for updated info on the download and we will see you at our Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night.

P.S. BF42 Custom Map Night will be the following Friday, August 6th! Yippee!

Map pack is available!!! : Map Pack #8

BFV 1.1 Patch Delayed & WWII Mod Screenshots

EA and DICE announced yesterday that they were doing some final tweaking of the Battlefield Vietnam 1.1 Patch and needed to extend their testing period one week as they shake down a new build of the patch. Their only comment on when it would be released was “quite soon”.

To placate those that would otherwise be calling for their heads, they also released some before and after screenies of the upcoming official WWII mod for Battlefield Vietnam. See if you can tell which is which. I know that many people (myself included) are more excited about this mod than about the 1.1 patch itself

Here is a comparison shot of Wake Island:
click to enlarge click to enlarge

Invasion of the Philipines
click to enlarge click to enlarge

and finally, Iwo Jima
click to enlarge click to enlarge

The full update can be read at EA GAMES | Battlefield Vietnam