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More proof that Doom 3 is here!

Thats right kiddies!!! There is more proof out there that Doom 3 is right around the corner… Where you ask? Well… has just posted that there WILL be a Doom 3 tourny!!!

DOOM 3 Inaugural Deathmatch Championship:
Yes, you read that correctly. DOOM 3 Deathmatch is coming to QuakeCon 2004, and there has never been a more level playing field. With DOOM 3 launching this summer, there won’t be anyone who has had time to practice or master the game, and almost any QuakeCon attendee has a chance to walk away with one of the exclusive DOOM 3 prizes. We’re not telling you what they are just yet, but let’s just say that they’re fast. Registration for this 128-player tournament will begin August 12, 2004 – the first day of QuakeCon.

You pee your pants yet? I did… I will be at QuakeCon to see this!!! [along with a few other members of Gamers Radio!]

Doom 3 Release Date?

Could it be true? Is this the real date that is making everyone all crazy about right now in just about every gaming forum you can find? is quoted as saying “Official launch date of August 3rd, 2004 confirmed!

Searching all over the place it is seeming that getting information from Activision and id Software is not resulting any any REAL proof. And the official Doom 3 website still says “Coming Soon“.

The most recent release date information we really have from Activision is here.

We are keeping a very close eye on this as we are all very excited about this game… More to come as soon as we find it!

Some information at E3 2004!!!

More Trailers and Information for 2 games that I hear will be coming out. Now, with that said you be the judge for yourself.

Check out FilePlanet out for the latest on Doom3 and Half-Life 2 presented at E3 2004.

OBW, for all of the Warcraft III peeps, might download the latest patch 1.15 while you are there.