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ETQW 1.4 Approaches – Master Server Outage Today

We’ve just received the “all clear” from Activision QA for the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars 1.4 update and we’re now getting things ready to roll this thing out to you. To prepare for the update, the ETQW master server will be going down for approximately one hour starting at 1600 UK time / 10 AM Central. You will not be able to log into your online account during this time.

When the 1.4 update is released, you will be able to grab it via the in-game auto-update tool and we’ll also be posting a list of download mirrors here on the ETQW Community Site. If you missed Locki’s blog post outlining the major items in 1.4, you can read that right here.

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Shacknews Game of the Year User Voting

Happy 2008! Hopefully everybody had a safe and enjoyable holiday break and is now ready to go back to Stroggifying and deploying MCPs!

Kicking 2008 off in the world of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is the Game of the Year user voting on Shacknews, where you can vote for your favorite games and development studio of 2007. ETQW is up in several categories, including Game of the Year and Shooter of the Year, and can even be submitted manually in categories that it isn’t. Don’t forget that you can also submit Splash Damage as your developer of the year if you feel we’re deserving of that award.

In other Game of the Year news, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars has officially been confirmed as VoodooExtreme’s FPS of the Year – an award that was also based on user voting. Go ETQW!

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Vote for ETQW to be VE’s Game of the Year

Following their earlier FPS of the Year poll which Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars won thanks to all of you, VoodooExtreme has now put up their Game of the Year poll, which also has Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars on the list. Because people tried to cheat on their last few polls, this new one is for registered users only – conveniently though, the site is part of the IGN / GameSpy empire, though, so you can just log in using your GameSpy ID, or, if you don’t have one, you can create a new (free) account here.

This is a great shot for ETQW to rack up another Game of the Year award, so go forth and let the Makron eat all those other games!

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While our team members often take a moment out of their day to play QUAKE Wars, it is seldom we all drop what we’re doing and join in at once. A few lucky players have already caught us on these rare days and we’ve appreciated them taking the time to show us how it’s done. =) Usually it’s more spur of the moment, but not this time, now you can plan ahead! Whether you tell your west coast boss it’s a lunch meeting, your east coast boss it’s an important afternoon video conference or if you’re already at home and relaxing across the pond — you can have a chance to face off versus id Software!

We would like to invite you to join the id Development Team in a Stopwatch match this coming Tuesday, December 18th at 2PM CST / 20:00 GMT. Thirty minutes prior to match time the [id] StopWatch server,, will open up to the public – first come, first serve.

With your help, we look forward to refining our skills.

id scores a mighty victory by letting the community obtain a confidence boosting win. We won’t go easy on you next time!


ETQW One of MSN’s Games of the Year

The playful crew over at MSN has published their own Games of the Year feature, highlighting what they thought were the best 20 titles released in the past 12 months. Better yet, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars made the list – in a year that saw the release of countless high profile games, this is very exciting for us.

In related (and equally great) news, Phoronix has released their own list of The Greatest Linux Innovations of 2007, with Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars making the cut as the only game in the mix.

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ETQW Demo Tournaments and Events Kicking Off Soon

Now that you’ve gotten your feet wet in the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Demo, several sites are organizing demo tournaments and other cool events, allowing you to see how you stack up and giving you the chance to play with and against some of the best ETQW players in the world. There’s a plethora of cool prizes to be won, so enlist now to make sure you get in on the action.

In addition to these, we’ve got several more tournaments that are currently being planned in other territories, including the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Check back regularly for more on these!

Click the “read more” link to see what’s currently in store!

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Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Demo Released!

It’s finally here! The Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars demo has been released and is available via the mirrors listed below. If you haven’t been keeping up, you can find out all about the demo in this developer blog. You can also check out our Valley map guide for details on the demo map along with a few tips and tricks.

Important note for ATI users: You must download and install the latest Catalyst drivers (7.9 or later) in order to be able to run the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars demo. The next revision of the ATI drivers is going to include the hotfix.

With all of that out of the way, click the “read more” link for a current list of demo mirrors. If you have found a mirror not listed here, please let us know.

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ETQW Demo, IRC Developer Chat Today

As covered in the blog last week, the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Demo will be released later today! The official release time is 10 AM Pacific / 6 PM British / 7 PM Central European. We are going to have a list of mirrors here on the site once the demo is released.

Leading up to the actual demo release, we are going to have an IRC chat with members of the development team in the official ETQW IRC channel. You’ll be able to submit your questions during the chat, so this is a great chance for you to get information straight from the people behind the game. The details for the chat are as follows:

Channel: #quakewars
Chat Start Time: 9:15 AM Pacific / 5:15 PM British / 6:15 PM Central European

You will need a chat client such as mIRC or xchat in order to participate. We hope to see you there!

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Yahoo Offers ETQW Demo Footage, Reveals New Map

Yahoo has kicked up a few special bits of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars coverage in anticipation of the imminent demo launch. First up is footage of the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars demo, available in HD and normal-sized flavors. They also take a look at a map not previously covered at all – Slipgate. Promising that it’s “unlike any other map you’ve ever played”, Slipgate is one of the twelve maps found in the full version of ETQW and features two completely different environments. Yahoo’s write-up covers all of the map’s objectives in great detail and offers a few never-before-seen screenshots.

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Paul Wedgwood Interviewed on ClanBase

The folks at ClanBase had the chance to sit down and have a chat with Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars lead designer Paul ‘Locki’ Wedgwood. Topics covered include ETQW’s chances of becoming a major e-sports games, rebalancing the game for competition play, post-release support, anti-cheating measures, and more. They top it all off with a chance for you to win one of two copies of the Limited Collector’s Edition of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, so surf on over there and give it a read.

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