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UT2004 $8.98 Shipped!

If you were to ask me what the best game for the money was, I would have said FarCry for under $20. Its a beautiful game with an intriquing storyline. However, that has changed.

Unreal Tournament 2004 is a great game. It has so many different online modes, it is like buying 12 games in one. And for $8.98 (shipped!), it is deffinately the best deal around. Grab it quick!!!!

And be sure to join us for Thursday Night Fights. We are always adding custom maps and mods. Unlike our favorite Battlefield Game, you can auto download custom content directly from a server. Thats right, autodownload and play. Its that easy.

Sevendust New Album

Its no secret I am a big fan of Sevendust. If youve seen them live, you know why. I was starting to wonder what they have been up to and stumbled onto this new Press Release:

Press Release

New York, NY (June 27, 2005) – Sevendust is teaming up with innovative newcomer WineDark Records and its distribution partner, Universal for the upcoming release of their fifth record. Sevendust is an Atlanta, GA-based hard rock group who clawed their way through the late 1990s and early 2000s with a string of hit albums, forming the backbone of a sound and aura that defies mere typical genre classification. Beginning with their 1997 self-titled debut and continuing through to their most recent record, Seasons, Sevendust despite a self described “roller coaster ride” has sold nearly four million units in the US alone and is poised to expand its domain.

(Sevendust) “We have been on a roller coaster ride since May of 2004. We replaced our management company with MG Management, dug out of financial despair, watched a record deal dissolve, and replaced a guitarist all in the course of six months. This left us in the position to do things one-way, our way. In January of this year, we locked ourselves away and shut out the outside world and began writing, recording, and self-producing or fifth album entitled, Next. For the first time since very early in our careers, we had no outside interference, no one telling us how to sound, no one telling us what to look like. The end result is truly gratifying. After feeling like a battered and ugly wife for so long, it was amazing to see the reaction to what we created from such a large percentage of the record industry. After weighing many options we decided to sign with Winedark/Universal who subsequently offered us our own record label imprint, 7Bros. Records. The excitement that we feel from these individuals, is something we have never felt before. It is safe to say we dont feel so ugly after all.” Sevendusts fifth record, Next, will be available on October 11 th, 2005.

Sevendust launches own imprint, 7 Bros. Records, signs to Winedark/Universal-Fontana.

Frag.Ops to appear on UT2004: Editors Choice Edition

– Press Release –

Pandora-Studios signs an agreement with Epic Games, Inc. to publish their mod, Frag.Ops, under a one-time contract for the UT2004 Editors Choice Edition. Frag.Ops, the most played UT2003 mod ever made and currently one of the most popular UT2004 mods, will appear on the special edition with several other well-known mods as a free supplement to Epics highly acclaimed UT2004 game. Frag.Ops is a near-future tactical first-person shooter, and has won several press awards in the mod-making field for both graphical realism and excellent gameplay. In addition, FO has placed as a finalist twice for “Best FPS mod” in the NVidia Make Something Unreal contest, taking 5th place once and again 4th in the most recent judging. It also received several honorable mentions for 3D models, sound, and level design.”