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Blizzard Raises The Bar on MMORPGs

Blizzard just sent us word about the new Battlegrounds system in World of Warcraft. I wanted to say a few things about this.

First, this is probably the most unique and original idea I have seen in a MMORPG since the original Neverwinter Nights on AOL. This adds an element of gameplay straight out of the FPS genre and I think it is great. Even more interesting is it gives you a chance to buy really cool items not available through traditional gameplay. I hope they realize how important the Battlegrounds will be to the future of their game and continue to put out additional maps. Great Job Blizzard! This is why you have been one of the premiere game studios for the last 10 years.

Here is the full scoop.

The team-based combat maps known collectively as Battlegrounds are now open for war! These special, instanced zones allow large armies to wage climactic battles (as in the massive 40 vs 40 map Alterac Valley ) or smaller groups to fight quicker, capture-the-flag conflicts (like Warsong Gulch , a 10 vs 10 map). All of these battles take place between the factions of Horde and Alliance and are perfect zones to advance your character in the honor system and to gain new, specialized gear and rewards.

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Game of the Year Title Revoked

It never occured to me that you could revoke a game of the year award. Thats what makes the guys at Penny Arcade so humorous. They think of things that no one else would. From their news post:

In other news, we hereby revoke 2004 Game of the Year status for Blizzards “World of Warcraft,” effective immediately.

It seems they are pretty ticked off at the constant emergency maintanence required by the more popular servers. If you want to read an interesting tirade, drop by Penny Arcade and read the full scoop.

World of Warcraft Launch

Unless you have been living under a rock or something, you know that World of Warcraft launched yesterday. In my thinking of “ahh, I wont have any issues buying the game” I treked out yesterday morning at 10:00 AM to the local EBGames… Well, with the massive amounts of people waiting outside for the store to open, it wasnt hard to figure out that this was not going to be an easy task…

EBGames, close to where I work, was pretty much sold out before the gate opened three feet. With that, I drove to a GameStop close by… Umm… No go…

I moved on to a Best Buy and found myself i the right place. Best Buy had a large section for the game with people grabing copies left and right. By the time I grabbed my copy their inventory out on the floor had been reduced to half.

So, with saying this, go get your copy now! A lot of us on Gamers Radio and many friends were playing it all day yesterday and will be spending many hours in there over the next, ummm, for a while…

World of Warcraft Pricing

The FAQ over at has been updated with a few new items. One of which is the pricing of WoW.

Will there be a monthly fee to play the game?
Yes. When you purchase World of Warcraft, you will get a one-month free trial subscription to the game. At the end of that month, you will have to choose from three subscription plans to continue playing the game: a month-to-month package at $14.99 per month, a three-month plan at $13.99 per month, or a six-month plan at $12.99 per month”

Go check out the rest of the FAQ:

Guys Gone Wild!

You may have thought youve seen everything there is to see about World of Warcraft. Well, youre wrong. See the video you never hoped youd see in a MMORPG! Guys Gone Wild! Debauchery has taken its place beside Chivalry! Woohoo! Take it off boys!

1.8 Meg Video – World of Warcraft – Guys Gone Wild – Free Download (No Registration Required)

Queue Update

The following was posted not long ago in the World of Warcraft Forums:

Hello everyone. The server team has just gotten back to me with some information that Id like to share with you.

The Eastern and Central servers have just been restarted. It appears that every server in this cluster is running smoothly with the new changes that have been made. We will be taking care of the Pacific and Mountain servers shortly.

However, in order to monitor the changes and make sure everything gets up to speed in working order, the player “cap” is set lower than it usually is to prevent undue strain. Well be increasing the caps slowly back up to normal as things progress during the evening.

Thank you all for being patient with us today and for bearing with us through the rest of the server restoration. We hope to have everything back up and running normally soon. 🙂 – Caydiem –
Assistant Community Manager, WoW

Later Update

Okay, looks like Pacific and Mountain servers are taking the plunge now. 🙂 – Caydiem –
Assistant Community Manager, WoW

The New Drug

I wrote a feature article about my initial experiences with the World of Warcraft. It is not a review by any means, but more of an expose on my reluctant experience to play the game.

From the article: It all started with this guy I know; lets call him “liphe”. You see, “liphe” was hooked on World of Warcraft and he wasnt afraid to tell everyone he knew (and some he didnt know) how cool it was. I did my best to resist temptation. I mean, after all, I have been down that road and MMORPGs are bottomless pits to hell. In a straight tripn yo, do not pass go, do not collect $200, kind of way. Then the guys at Blizzard sent me an email requesting my presence during an early stress test. How dangerous could it be? After all, the stress test was only good for a few days and I could see how World of Warcraft felt without fear of becoming addicted.

Read the rest here.

The Beginning Of The End Is Upon Us!

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably already read that World of Warcraft will be released November 23rd. We grabbed the whole Press Release with all the details for your reading pleasure. Just click Read More.

For the record, we would like to thank all of you for reading this website and listening to our Radio Station. With the release of World of Warcraft and gaming addiction being what it is, we have decided to shut Gamers Radio down, so that we can spend every waking moment playing World of Warcraft. Since this means I must quit my job, I will no longer be able to afford the basic necessities of life. You know; High Speed Internet/Electricity. I am looking for a homeless shelter that can provide these things. Location does not matter. I can move as long as they have these necessities. Please let me know ASAP! Only 18 days until WoW is released. I would prefer to be moved by then. 😉 Continue reading The Beginning Of The End Is Upon Us!