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ABIT Unlocks Overclocking Boundaries with Fatal1ty Mainboards

How would you like a mobo named after you?
In an attempt to improve its positions in the high-end market ABIT Computer, a company that is mostly known for its mainboards designed for overclockers, is said to introduce its Fatal1ty mainboard-series shortly, bringing extreme speed and feature-set, but only for those, who can afford this.

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K8T890 (PCI X16) chipsets getting recognition from big industry

VIA Announces Adoption of K8T890 chipset by World’s Leading Motherboard Manufacturers

Nvidia aims to take lead in K8 chipset market with nForce 4 MCP

For a full description of the new chipset:

New ATI Catalyst Drivers:

Released Oct. 14th the newest ATI Catalyst driver 4.10

One of the 3 new feature:
CATALYSTâ„¢ A.I. allows the driver to intelligently analyze applications and textures to maximize graphics performance and enhance stability while delivering the absolute highest visual quality.

As with most CATALYSTâ„¢ releases performance has increased in various situations. The following performance gains are noticed in the game Doom3
Performance improves 5 to 8% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ 9500 PRO product
Performance improves approximately 5% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ 9600 XT
Performance improves 5 to 9% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ 9700 PRO
Performance improves 4 to 6% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ 9800 PRO
Performance improves approximately 4% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ 9800 XT when using higher resolutions
Performance improves 3 to 14% on the ATI RADEON X800 PRO
Performance improves 5 to 8% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ X800 XT
Performance improves approximately 3% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ X300 product
Performance improves approximately 4.4% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ X600 product

Click here to view details of this new driver:

ATI Driver page for download:

Photo Gallery setup!

We added a photo gallery to the site and uploaded all of the QuakeCon 2003 pics that Goose and I took last year.

We will be adding a lot of images to that area as we go from event to event. Keep an eye on it! 🙂

Gallery link is located on the left under “Features”

We are also adding some interesting military and commercial airplane pictures. – Atomm facelift

Some people may have had a heart attack tonight when trying to go to and saw “Forbidden”. [I know I did!]

Reason for that short down time was due to them setting up a whole new site. The site looks great and appears to be geared to host updated new a lot better…

In the forums, they state that they have “lots of great things in store for QuakeCon fans in the very near future”…

If you are planning on going to QuakeCon this year [like you wouldnt!], I suggest you start keeping an eye on the site…

[FYI] You will have to create a new account…

Extremelan Closes Shop

Only 20 days after we started talking about Extreme Lan, they had this post in their forums.

Despite our best efforts to get funding to keep the event alive after we lost our largest financial contributor, all attemps to get funding have failed. ExtremeLAN officially will be cancelled in the next few days, and everyone will be refunded as quickly as possible. Thank you all for your support, and we regret that we have been forced to cancel the event. I have lost entirely too much money at this, so I believe I will be out of the “Big LAN” business for good…

We are sorry to see this event go. In our part of the world, you dont get opportunities like this very often. It looks like that will continue to be the case.

What do you wear?!?

2 out of 30 people said they loved to cheat in BF1942. 1 said they cheated and felt guilty and a whopping 27 out of 30 said they did not like cheaters. It seems people really do not cheat in Battlefield 1942. Either that, or we have a lot of liars visiting Gamers Radio. (SIC) If you havent voted, you can still cast your vote here.

I decided it was time to lighten things up a bit. This poll asks a question most people are afraid to ask, but everyone is curious about. This time around, we want to know how you dress when you are playing Games at your computer. I will even fess up and tell you I play in sweats and a t-shirt, but I have been known to play in my underwear and a t-shirt from time to time. As far as being buck naked, that is something I can say I have never done. So the next time you are fraggin online, or you send a Hail to the guy on the other end of the Internet, you might just wonder….. What are they wearing…..

Big changes for The Final Step

Hi, this is Tom. I am the on-line promoter and writer for The Final Step(TFS). Well, to get to it. David Dodson, the drummer for TFS is the only original member of the band left. Robby Ayers(singer/frontman) left to go off into a different musical direction while Dave Touchet(Lead guitar) and Joe Simpson(Bass Guitar) left for personal reasons. David has since hired Dan Jopling on bass, Lonnie Billings and Scott(oops, I forgot his last name) at lead guitars. David has expanded his search for a new singer from Lawton to OKC and south to Dallas. The bands music direction is still going to be in the metal genre. Well, thats it for now. Ill post more news as it happens. Thank you and keep it metal.

The Charles Schuldiner Medical Fund Auction

I would not normally post things like this, but my wife is an Oncology Nurse and I know the toll cancer can take on a person and everyone around them. Fans of the independent Death Metal Scene might recognize some of the names.

Anonymous Writes: The Charles Schuldiner Medical Fund Auction kicks off again on July 16th. For updated listings on new items, as well as information on how you can help contribute to Chucks ongoing healthcare, visit


For Sale – Awesome Gaming Publisher, No Profit

In more news about my personal favorite game company, Interplay is up for sale. I did a little digging and it seems they lost $8.4 million last quarter. I dont know about you, but I would hate to loose Interplay. They have been my favorite publisher ever since the original Diablo days. (Back when they published Diablo, unlike today where EA publishes it.)
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