Desert Conflict CTF Mod Update

These guys are on a role. They are back again with an update on the progress of their Capture the Flag mini-mod after releasing their first version just last weekend. In addition to adding in Kubra Dam as a CTF map, the flag icons can be seen across the battlefield and update them in near-real time. The flag icon also shows through solids and has a distance reading on it for those all important “Get Our Flag Back!” moments. They have lengthed the time the flag hangs around after being dropped and it should not disappear immediately any longer.

They expect to be testing this week and have version .2 out to the general public soon along with some more BF2 maps included. Anyone will also be able to host a server with the .2 release as well now that they are more confident in the stability of the server side game.

Look for more information at the Desert Conflict website

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