Nimda Worm

I do not usually bring up things like Viruses, except to make fun of different companies, but this one is serious. It targets Microsoft products specifically. More importantly, it is generating so much bandwidth in its quest to infect other systems, it is impacting cable internet providers, webservers (Linux, Unix and Microsoft) and internet use in general. Make sure you protect yourself from it. If you dont you will regret it. As an example, Read On for the details of a test a buddy of mine ran last night. He took a windows server and put it on a direct internet connection last night. This morning, he ran a virus check. When the program was done, it had found 1,972 instances of the Nimda Worm. This was less than 24 hours and all the box did was sit there with running services. The box is is so “hosed”, he has no choice but to format and reinstall the OS.

Take precautions now. This virus can even transmit itself from viewing a website. Until now, this was very, very difficult to do, but using poor design flaws in Windows Internet Explorer and Outlook, it can attach itself to your system via a webpage served from a Windows Server. If you do not believe me, read the warnings HERE!

Dont be a part of the problem! Secure your system!

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