CPL announces CAL…

The Cyberathletes Professional League announced it acquired a significant interest in “Domain of Games” 2 days ago. As part of the agreement, DoG will became The Cyberathletes Amateur League. CAL will continue to focus on what they do best, Online Tournaments for First Person Shooters, including Half Life: Counterstrike and Unreal Tournament.

According to the press release:

The Cyberathlete Amateur League or CAL will enable average gamers, such as those who do not have the resources to attend a live professional event, to participate in world class online tournaments and earn the right to participate in the Cyberathlete Professional League LAN tournaments.

Get the full scoop at The Cyberathletes Professional Leagues website.

New Music Releasing This Month…

MARCH 2001

Date Artist Title Record Label
5th LED ZEPPELIN Discography/Price Guide (CD ROM)
5th KULT OF AZAZEL Triumph Of Fire Pavement
6th CATASTROPHIC The Cleansing Metal Blade
6th DESTINYS END Transition Metal Blade
6th BENEDICTION Organized Chaos Nuclear Blast
7th LOUDNESS Spiritual Canoe Nippon Japan
12th THE GATHERING The Early Years Hammerheart
13th CLUTCH Pure Rock Fury Atlantic
13th MOLLY HATCHET Devils Canyon SPV
20th LACUNA COIL Unleashed Memories Century Media
20th DIMMU BORGIR Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia Nuclear Blast
20th SEPULTURA Sepulnation Roadrunner
20th GARY MOORE Back To The Blues Sanctuary
20th AEROSMITH Just Push Play Sony
26th AT THE GATES Suicidal Final Art Peaceville UK
27th VARIOUS ARTISTS Ozzfest – Second Stage Live Divine/Priority
27th ANVIL Plenty Of Power Hypnotic
27th GWAR Its Sleazy Metal Blade
27th SAVATAGE Live In Japan Nuclear Blast

All dates are tentative.


This site is for you!

I have worked hard to make this site one of the premiere locations on the web to discuss my two favorite topics, gaming and music. I believe there are other people out there just like me. They love to play computer games and they love music. Hell, you dont have to love both to participate in this site, but you do have to love something.

I am at a unique crossroads and I need Your help. All you have to do is sign up for a users account and start posting comments on the main board and submitting news you find elsewhere. In other words, all you have to do is participate. If you have an account, tell your friends about us. Spread the word, because I can not do this alone.

2 Great Neverwinter Nights Projects

If you look at the results of the current poll, you will notice Neverwinter Nights is well ahead of all the other games. I am extremely excited to see this game. I have a feeling it will be the next big leap in computer gaming. Just as allowing users to customize First Person Shooters helped that genre grow very rapidly, I expect to see a ton of great user created modules benefiting CRPGs. I also expect to see more games take the “build the game, let the users create modules” approach.

Right now, there are two such groups taking on this great feat. Before they have seen the game or the toolset which will allow them to create modules, they are mapping out the areas of Greyhawk they wish to recreate. I expect big theses from these guys and think you should read on to learn more about them. Continue reading 2 Great Neverwinter Nights Projects

OmegaCon Alpha: The Beginning…

Omegacon Alpha is the first in hopefully a long line of gaming / anime conventions to appear in Oklahoma. The goal of Omegacon is to establish a convention in Oklahoma City that people can rely on and trust to be around. Unlike some of the previous failures this convention is going to strive to achieve that which they failed. I common place for EVERYONE. The venue of games and anime will likely change and increase to fit the years as the venue of games, anime, and other events change with the times. Omegacon is also a non-profit charity event. What does this mean? It means after all the costs of the convention have been pulled from the cash intake all the money that remains will go to a named charity. The reason for this is to stand for the belief that everyone should have the chance to enjoy life. By having the convention we get people able to travel and visit but at the same time there are people that can’t. Please feel free to visit our site http://www.omegacon.org/ and contact me for any information. Or you can call at 405-302-0724 Continue reading OmegaCon Alpha: The Beginning…

Napster sells out…

“Todays announcement underscores one key fact: the real questions about Napsters future are economic, not technical or legal,” Napster Interim Chief Executive Hank Barry said in a statement.

I think that one statement sums it up. Napster is working with the record companies to offer a similiar service which requires users to pay for its use. It was never about artists rights, but rather about the recording industries money. Continue reading Napster sells out…

MUD Fever

I also want to look at a text based game today. Ever play the old fashioned MUD? Well I have found one thats not only newbie friendly, but alot of fun. It currently does not have a high player base. This fact makes it a less competitive environment, making it easier to progress. Not sure if they need builders, but you may feel free to speak with Rhys the implementer and hell let you know. This fun little circle mud (v 3.0 to anyone anal retentive that just HAS to know ;)) can be found at mud.hack.net 9000. Continue reading MUD Fever


Hey Gamers! Into nostalgia? Would you have liked to play a more fun version of the original Diablo? Kinda like Diablo with better graphics, better classes, more of a cartoony type of feel? Wouldnt we all. Well, a not as popular game called Darkstone came out in 1999 that has all this. The one major difference in the two? Randomized quests. You never play the same group of quests twice. Throw them into a deck, shuffle them, then splash them on the screen. Cant get any better than that. The kicker is, though, you can make your toon look exactly as you wish. Thats right, folks! Just get Photoshop ™ or any program that allows you to edit a targa file and you can create your own personalized character making it look like anything from g.i. joe to ryu. This takes a bit of creativity on your part as it is not like playing paper dolls. 😉 This process is also very tedious and very time consuming. But its worth it.

Continue reading Darkstone