2nd Stone Sour Album a Reality

SLIPKNOT/STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor has posted the following message at the STONE SOUR message board StoneSourBoard.tk:

“Id like to give you a little update on the STONE SOUR front as we havent done that in a long time.

1. We have 30 full and partial songs brewing at the moment.
2. Jamey from HATEBREED has expressed his interest in doing a song with us and most definitely will.
3. Plans are being made to start work in September of 2005, or perhaps even earlier, depending on the schedule.”

“Thank you to everyone for keeping the fires lit while [guitarist] Jim [Root] and I indulge our other passion. Commitment has to be total, and at the moment our commitment is to the KNOT. But as soon as were done touring with SLIPKNOT, its on. Im writing, Jims writing, [guitarist] Josh [Rand] is writing, everyone is gearing up for this.”

In more music news……

BODY COUNT, the metal/punk band fronted by legendary rapper Ice T, recently announced plans to record their first album in seven years, tentatively titled “Murder for Hire”.

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