Ashlee Lip Sync Excuse

liveDaily reports: [A bit of a follow up to the story in yesterdays Day in Rock about Ashlee Simpsons lip sync adventure on SNL.] In a Monday (10/25) interview on New York City radio station Z100 FM, Joe Simpson, Ashlees father and manager, said that he convinced Ashlee to use backing tracks when acid reflux caused her vocal cords to swell.

“[Ashlee] sang in the rehearsal–theres a full rehearsal right before the show, which is with a live audience–and by the end of that time she was so scratchy and her throat was hurting her so bad she started crying,” Joe Simpson said. “We called … her doctor in L.A.; he said, Dont let her sing. I said, Theres no way I can not let her sing–weve got to sing the show.

“So we made the decision to pull up backing tracks to help her push through the song, because otherwise she wouldve sounded just like a frog–and no one wants to hear a frog on Saturday Night Live unless its a skit.” [see full story for more]

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