Band of Brothers Returns to TV

As inspiration for mods and maps (not to mention numerous player handles) for Battlefield 1942, the HBO Series Band of Brothers ranks very high. For those of you who did not get to see it on HBO (or on dvd/video since then), you will now have your chance. Beginning on Sunday, April 11, at 9:00pm/8:00c the History Channel will be showing the series in its entirety starting with the “Currahee” episode. No word on whether it will be commercial free or not. You can sign up for an email reminder on the History Channel Website.

To whet your appetite, they are showing previews on March 22 and March 28. From the History Channel – “Its a story of courage and comradeship–endurance and sacrifice. Executive producers Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg recreate the story of “Easy Company”, an elite WWII parachute infantry regiment, in their epic miniseries “Band of Brothers”, based on Stephen Ambroses best-selling book. History Channel historians talk to the “real” soldiers of Easy Company, and intercut their stories with scenes from the series. (Half-hour) TV PG”

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