Battlecraft 1.1 Update SOON!

Just an update on for those curious about the crashes using Battlecraft 1.0 and the new patch of Battlefield Vietnam 1.1.

There is a new release of Battlecraft 1.1 that should be coming out within the next couple of days. It was slated to come out at the same time as the new BFV 1.1, but due to overwhelming workload that the EA testing department is under, it has been delayed for a couple days until EA testing can have a chance to ok it for release. The new release of BFV has a new StandardMesh file format that the current BCV is not programmed to handle. It has been addressed in the new release of BCV 1.1. Here are some other things that have been addressed.

Version 1.1
-Fixed bug with default texture set
-Added support for BFV terrain lightmap generation
-Added support for BFV terrain lightmap merging
-Added support for BFV object lightmap generation
-Added new BFV patch 1.1 vehicle support
-Added support for new BFV 1.1 .SM file format.
-Fixed crash bug when OLM does not complete task.
-Added an include command to the .lst to include other .lst files.
-Added back in support for large maps in BCV.
-Add definition in .cfg to specify executable name.
-Changed RFA compression algorythm. File size should be about 1/2 the size.

Hang in there… its coming.
More Here.

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