BattleField 1942 1.6 Patch Update

The people at EA have posted an update with information on the soon to be released 1.6 patch. They are still trying to work out a few issues, but they will get it out as soon as they can…

Click “Read More” for the information… The 1.6 patch is still in testing here at EA. We have one more issue to nail down so please be patient…it will definitely be worth the wait. Weve tested most of the mods with the 1.6 patch and a few are not working correctly. The mods which are problematic include:

* Interstate 42
* Galactic Conquest
* Eve of Destruction
* Battlegroup 42

We will be releasing a debug executable with the 1.6 patch. This debug will log assertion errors, allowing modders to determine whats causing problems in their mod as well as optimize it for best performance.

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