Battlefield 1942 Patch v1.3

New patch 1.3 is out! Get it here! Read More for the full press release…..

We would like to say a special thanks to Nvidia for putting the patch on their servers. It is nice to be able to download something as simple as a patch without having to register via email, then wait in line for an hour. For the record, my last 5 cards have been Nvidia and I am glad to see them give something back.

Join the Gamers Radio Battalion every Friday night on the Nvidia servers. More than likely, you will find us in Battle of The Bulge or Market Garden. Gotta run, the patch just finished D/Ling in less than 2 minutes from Nvidia. Time to play! Woohoo! NETWORK/SERVER FIXES

-Optimization of server priorities to improve Net Performance

-Smoother object movements

-Text strings are sent to the server instead of ascii, resulting in smoother text entry.

-No Lag prediction if soldier is sitting in vehicle. This fixes the problem of pilots getting shot out of the cockpit when in a plane.


#Sound improvements and optimizations

-New and improved Sounds in 1st person view for the following weapons:

*Bar 1918




-New streamed sound implementation increases performance and decreases memory usage.

-Problems with SoundBlaster Live on WinXP and Win2000 systems are solved

#Graphical Improvements

-New and improved fire animations in 1st person view for the following weapons:





-New and improved models in 1st person view for the following weapons:



#Gameplay tweaks

-Damage to airplanes from the following has been decreased by 50%:






-Spreading when walking and shooting increased on the following weapons:



-Reloading time on sniper and engineer rifles reduced by 33%.

-Rate of ticket decay when a team holds more than half of the command points has been increased on Head-on maps

-Rate of ticket decay when Attacker holds all the control points on Assault Maps has been reduced by 40%, leaving a better chance for the defender to retake a CP.

-Rate of ticket decay when the defender holds the map reduced by 40% on assault maps.
-Attacker / Defender ticket ratio changed slightly to defenders favor on assault maps

-When going outside of the map boundaries, soldiers will take 20% of their full health of damage per second (after being warned)


-Decreased Loading times for the game and map changes.

-SafeDisk check only when starting game and not when changing maps

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