Battlefield 2 1.21 Patch to be Released Soon

Glad to see that EA/DICE have recognized that there are some issues with the latest patch for BF2 and are working quickly to correct them.

Community Update – 2/20/06

Listen up Troops,

Although patch 1.2 included several fixes that we know were eagerly awaited, it unfortunately introduced some new issues. These are being addressed immediately and we are working around the clock to resolve those. Patch 1.21 (coming soon) will be tested in a limited beta with select Battlefield community members starting as early as this week. We’re doing this to ensure a clean release of 1.21. In addition, we have decided to postpone the Euro Force Booster Pack until sometime after the release of the updated 1.21 patch.

Stick to this web space for additional information soon.

On a more pleasant note, Battlefield 2 hit somewhat of a milestone last night with over 52,000 simultaneous players. This is the highest number of players we’ve seen at one time for Battlefield 2 and almost 4 times more than the peak number of Battlefield 1942.

Thanks in advance for your patience.

The team at DICE and EA

Thanks to DocJon for the reminder on this one.

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