Battlefield 2 Mod Updates

Some Battlefield 2 Mod release information is coming out this week. First off, Operation PeaceKeeper has announced that they will be releasing version 0.15 of their Eastern European based mod on August 11, 2006. This information is at the very end of the video that was posted to show off in game action.

Second, the Point Of Existance mod has posted an update that should make its fans happy. Seems they are very close to releasing. They dont give a date, but did say the following:

The team reached a milestone this weekend with releasing POE:2 into Release Candidate status to our testers. To assist us with making sure the build is stable before we release to the public we have included 151 stress testers. The stress testers consist of the Forgotten Hope Development Team and Testers, friends of our developers & testers, and Battlefield:2 community representatives from the multiple websites worldwide.

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