Battlefield 2 Statistics Program Released

Battlefield 2 Statistics program was released today. This promises to extend the BF2 ranking system to unranked servers, and LANS and customize it. The main features are:

* Your Own Private Ranked Server wich is capable to produce:
In-game awards, ranks and unlocks and Stats to appear in BFHQ.

* Your Own database hosted on your server, and fully in your control.

* Your Own WebStats System installed locally, to view and compare
your stats with other clan members or players.

* Centralized Database – to see and compare your stats against other

* You control ranks, score and other in-game ranking parameters.

In other words we are giving you the opportunity to install a Ranking System
where ever you want it : clan server, lan parties and public Servers.

This is a truly cool idea. One of the things that I miss from Battlefield 1942 was having server specific stats and rankings. I loved checking in to this site every day after pwning Atomm, ephil, Racer and Tuna and having the numbers there for all to see (evil laugh).

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