Battlefield 2 Video

GameSpy sends us word about not one, but three videos taken of Battlefield 2 at E3.

A few things I noticed right off the bat:

– Destroyable Objects
– Movable objects, like barrels
– Shoot through certain materials, like Aluminum buildings
– Heavy Machine Gunner is firing standing up. (Come on guys, learn from the M60 in BFV)
– Team Communication has switched to an on screen radius type selector
– More options when choosing class
– Feel appears to be more like BFV than BF42 has all three for download. If youve got the time, check them all out. If you want to see class selection, watch video 1. If you want to see destroyable objects, watch video 2. If you want a good shot of movable objects and an Airstrike, watch video 3.

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