Battlefield Pirates Patch Released (0.31)

We have been enjoying (probably too much) The Pirates Mod for Battlefield 1942 over the last few days on the Gamers Radio Server. Now, the Battlefield Pirates Mod Team has released a promised patch for the 0.30 version of the game. The list of fixes from the readme is below, but include correcting one major bug, tweaks to many maps, and entirely new map for high seas mayhem. Visit PlanetBattlefield – Pirates Mod to download the patch.

Read me beta .31

-SkullClan Carpenter now has StoneAxes like he should instead of the PegLeg Throwing Knives.
-Fire delay for both the StoneAxes and Throwing Knives now reduced slightly. Seems there is a problem with the netcode where the delay could end up being so long that you could kill your oponent before you ever saw the knife.
-Shark Frenzies now do 50% more damage. Theyve sharpened their teeth and are now hungrier than ever.

-And the one major bug: In Beta3, you could actually sink a Galleon by slicing an ammo keg about 30 times with your cutlass! Yaar! That thar exploit be no more!

Map Changes/fixes:
Tides Of Blood:
-Sloops spawns fixed to prevent beaching.
-Center now contains dinghys instead of additional sloops. Capture the center to allow your side the ability to use the dinghys to sneak up on enemy-held islands. (The docks now also show up correctly)
-Various other small tweeks to the terrain and objects.

-Fixed a terrain exploit.
-Pruned some objects from the city to reduce rendering lag on some machines.

Domes of Doom:
-No more CTF wackiness while playing a Conquest game.
-Added just a few more cottages to provide a tiny bit more protection from those pesky bombs.

Scurvy Cove:
-Wall hitpoints reduced by 25%. Blasting the walls should be an intregral part of gameplay, not an afterthought.

Mr Coconuts Island Getaway:
-SkullClan now drops kits, as was originally intended. PegLegs can now steal those kits in order to get better weapons. (the kits were actually not dropping for the red assault class on any map. It was just most noticable here.)

Mysterious Mountain:
-Various small fixes/tweeks/improvements.

New map!
This is mainly an “artillery” map with GrenadeMortars and 8pdrs a-plenty. This map was by Bunnysnot, who also created BFP_Shiver_Me_Timbers and parts of BFP_Mysterious_Mountain and should be especially good for things like clan matches. This brings our total of custom maps up to 20, for those of you counting.

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