Battlefield Vietnam 1.1 Update

Dice posted a new update today on their website. They appear to be listening to the BFV community. Way to go DICE!

Battlefield Vietnam 1.1 Update Coming Soon
As mentioned in previous community updates, DICE has been hard at work putting the 1.1 update together for a pending release. So far weve featured screenshots of the new vehicles and map included in the update (The Defense of Con Thien). Today, we are going to share with you a list of some of the tweaks and fixes coming in 1.1. NEW CONTENT AND FEATURES

**Menu and Game Features**
– MapVote/KickVote/Buddy GUI integrated into BFV 1.1.
– Longer player names (Up to 23 characters) now displayed on the Scoreboard (press TAB during gameplay).
– Current tickets for each team displayed on the Scoreboard. Server IP, name, and current map appear on Scoreboard.
– Server Favorites option added to server browser.
– IP address can be pasted into Add Server dialog box.
– The choice to hear English Only dialog for all VOs added to Options Menu.
– 3d map now shows friendly mines, traps, explosives, ammo boxes, and medical cabinets.
– Pixel added to the middle of the crosshair.
– Flight ceiling added to helicopters.

**Dedicated Server**
– Dedicated server supports the creation of a multiple mod/game mode map list
– Added an option to force team switch at the end of a round.
– Added an option to carry tickets over between rounds.
– Can force players with a defined string in their name (such as a Clan tag) to a particular team.
– Crosshair pixel center point option added.
– Toggle for crosshair hit feedback added.
– Toggle for death camera options (orbit/reveal killer/free cam) added.
– TK punish mode options added.
– Reserved slots password functionality added.
– Option to disable the Flag Warning mini-map icon added.

– Disappearing/duplicate missiles bug fixed.
– Fixed bug where NVA mobile tunnel spawns wouldnt appear for some players.
– Punkbuster button is easier to see, and easier to select.
– Selecting the current weapon from the weapon menu will close the menu.
– Free camera prediction moved to client side to give smoother control.
– Removed splash physics from friendly explosions when Friendly Fire is off.
– AI visibility is now properly blocked by overgrowth/undergrowth.

– Jeeps take less damage in water.
– Jeep top speed and torque increased.
– Helicopter bullet damage decreased against light vehicles and air vehicles.
– The ability to track air targets was lowered for vehicle mounted heat seekers.
– MUTT tow rocket changed to a heat seeker
– MUTT rocket reload time increased, ammo count decreased.
– Cobra heat seeker rate of fire decreased.
– Increased destabilization of Cobra when player leaves pilot seat.
– Slightly reduced Cobra hit points.
– M60 damage vs. helicopters increased.
– LAW and RPG damage vs. helicopters significantly increased.
– BM21SAM minimum firing pitch angle lowered.
– BM21SAM Rate of fire doubled, but now contains 4×10 round magazines with a long reload.
– Increased ammo count of M46 from 30 to 50 rounds.
– Replaced static crosshair with animated one in all mounted MGs.
– Falling damage when going down stairs reduced.
– Flaming Dart air towers are less vulnerable to explosives and mortar attacks.

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