BF Conversion Status Update

A lot of things have happened lately with the Battlefield Conversion Team. The previous lead has left the group. I talked to Ben at EA about taking over this project and he was fine with that. I am doing what I can to revive the team that has worked so hard on this project. I know the previous lead said the project was 98% complete. I can not say if that is true or not, but I do know there are some show stopping bugs that must be addressed before another build is presented to EA. Right now, we are working to figure out what is really left to do, what must be fixed and who can help us get it done.

That brings me to my next point. We may need some experienced help from the Battlefield Community to get this done before BF2 is released. If you are an experienced modder, please contact me and let me know what skills you have and what type of time you think you could provide in the Month of June. I know this is unprecedented, but I would like to issue a request of all the Battlefield mods who have experience with BFV. Would you be willing to help us get this project out the door? The community wants it. They deserve it and they should get it. For just a while, can you work with us to make this happen?

You may be wondering when we think this mod will be released. I am going to be honest about this. EA/DICE is working hard to get Battlefield 2 out the door. Because of this, we may be hard pressed to get QA time until after BF2 has been released. Ben is going to work with us on this, but ultimately it depends on what we have left to do and how long it takes us to get it done. Until we reach that point, I cannot tell you a date. I can tell you I have played an early build and I fell in love with it. I can also tell you a lot of people believe this mod should be completed and released. I agree…….

Atomm Nihilo

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