BF2 1.03 Patch On The Way

This was posted to the EA UK Forums. It hasnt been 100% confirmed, but it looks official. Sounds interesting…..

Hi everyone, and thanks for supporting BF2. Thanks to all of you out there,
BF2 has seen great success around the world and we’d like to thank you all
for that.

Since its launch, we’ve tried to give BF2 all the support it deserves by
releasing patches with the fixes and improvements you’ve asked for.
Unfortunately, we haven’t lived up to the standards we’ve set for ourselves
and we know that. So all of us at EA and DICE are working extra hard to make
sure that the BF2 experience improves dramatically in the coming weeks.

Towards the end of August, we will be releasing a new patch, 1.03. This
patch is currently underway and will undergo thorough testing before it goes
out to avoid the problems that have occurred in the past. There are over 140
fixes and improvements in this patch. Here are just a few of them:

* Server and Client performance improvements
* Improved Server Browser – added Favorites and History Lists.
* Point-farming prevention – game will stop Support/Medic/Engineer point
farming exploits.
* Squads – locked squad leader will get a message if someone wants to
* Many HUD improvements – see the names of others in your vehicle, zoom
level changing depending on vehicle, map zoom depending on map setup (16, 32
or 64 player map) etc.
* Teamkilling changes – the logic of how teamkills are tracked will be
* Gameplay tweaks – the way transport helicopters work will be tweaked.
* Additional scoring changes – players who destroy an enemy commanders
assets will be given points.

There are many, many more fixes that will be included in the patch but we’re
looking forward to everyone moving to 1.03 to get the best BF2 experience
out there on a level, cheat-free playing field.

We also know that there is still an issue with availability of slots on
Ranked Servers. We’re all delighted that this new feature has been so
popular, but we know that many of you are finding it hard to get onto a
ranked server, especially at peak times. We are taking big steps and
investing heavily to ensure that everyone can experience this side of BF2.
New official servers have gone up in Europe and the US this week and you
will see many more going up in the coming weeks. Our vision is to make sure
you never have to wait to get onto a ranked server so you can enjoy the game
at its best, and we will work to make that happen.

Thanks for being such fans of BF2. We’ve been listening to you and we’re
determined to make BF2 the best online shooter experience out there. We hope
you like the changes that are coming.

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