BF2 Demo and Release Date

Straight from -1313-Evil_Homer from Planet Battlefield:

“The demo release for Battlefield 2 will be in Mid-June it will feature one map. This was said from the executive producers Scott Evans during community day at EARS. So look forward in June for the demo. While I write this newspost I am currently alt-tabbed out of Battlefield 2 game, and all I can say in short words is Game of the year. So look forward for a report sometime this week. Bye for now from EARS.”

**”Note: Official Release Date for Battlefield 2: June 23, 2005 (Ship Date: June 22). This date will be earlier for Europeans, its estimated it will be June 17, 2005.”

Need I say more?

I just wonder how I can justify buying my wife BF2 for her Birthday 🙂

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