BF2 Info and Movies

Not that this hasnt been posted elsewhere, but for those of you who depend on us for your Battlefield news, here is some info on the upcoming Battlefield 2 from the guys over at the Northern Brigade Clan:

“On Thursday 18th November some of us guys in Northern Brigade went to the DICE office for a little BF2 visit. We met the BattleField 2 crew, the EA folks and of course, we got to play the game 🙂
The purpose of this little drill was for DICE to get some external feedback on the game. They also wanted us to tell the rest of the community about how BF2 is shaping up. And guess what? There´s not one, but TWO movies recorded ingame as we play. All edited up for you by mr KOiN, so enjoy.”

There is quite a bit of information in this article as well as two movies
Article and Movies

To play the movies, you will need the DIVX codec which you can get here.

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