BF42 Final FNF – Custom Map Night

Here is the line up for our final Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night. Since it is the last one, we are playing some old favorites, along with 3 new maps.

The first three you should have seen previously.
304 Fields of the Fallen – Still my favorite custom map.
304 House of Hellsing – Multilevel BF42, wow!
Battle Moutain – Had several requests for this one.

GRB Ghost Front – I dont have a review of this map because it was made by myself and Raze. Instead, Ill tell you a little about it. It is based on the Ardennes-Alsace battle of the bulge fights from the winter of 44/45. The trees are thick and the iced over pond is cool to drive tanks on. There is a hidden cave by the river outpost with lots of suprises. All smoking buildings have health and Axis gets tanks when they capture the farm. I hope you like it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Archaic Animosity – This is a very large Desert Map. It has an interesting layout and good looking towns. The German bomber is interesting enough to make it worth while. Also, we need a map to break up some of the other maps and since we did not have a desert map, this fit the bill perfectly. I hope we have enough people to make this one worth while.

Wake A New Day – I started playing battlefield 42 when it was a single multi-player demo on a map called Wake Island. I played that thing like it was going out of style. To this day, I love wake island. I never get sick of it. That leaves us with this bastardized version of Wake. All I can say is WOW! I cant wait to play this. Its Wake and its not Wake. The Americans hold the island and then some. The Japanese have an airbase on another island and they control the carrier and destroyer. The lagoon in the middle now connects the whole rest of the island in a T configuration. I hope this map is as fun as the original because I could see it staying in permanent rotation on our server if it is.

Installer is in QA and should be available shortly. Watch this post for an update!

Because this is our last BF42 FNF-CMN, I wanted to take the time to do an honorable mention of sorts. There are several maps that we did not play because they were too large for a smaller turnout and I didnt want to bore everyone or we had too many of a particular type of map, so we couldnt include it. If you want to see our honorable mention list, click Read More… to get the skinny on some other interesting looking maps that we just didnt have time to play. These are my raw notes when reviewing them. Some of them may not make sense, but I felt it was worth mentioning these maps anyway. I usually clean them up before posting.

Winters Edge – Large map. Lots of trees. Not many planes. Its cool, but not what we are looking for.

Pegasus Bridge – Large map. Looks interesting, but not what I am looking for.

Operations Shingle – Large map. Looks interesting. I like the mix of spawns and plenty of vehicles, given the size of the maps. Not sure what the ships are needed for. Try flying as close to the road as possible and following it all the way through the map. That alone is a blast.

Raid on Dieppe – This is a very cool looking map. It resembles Battle of Britain, but not exactly. There are barrels in the water that prevent you from getting deeper into the water way. They take damage. I blew them up, but I was too close, so they blew me up. Then I locked up and BF42 crashed back to desktop. Its a shame because this map looked very interesting. It was different than anything I have seen lately. If not for this problem, I think this map could have been a contender for Friday Night Fights.

South Pacific – Large map. Very spread out. Not sure how it would play. Could be fun.

The Arakan Offensive – My first impression of this map was Wow, how cool looking is this. I played around on it for a few minutes and realized even though it looked cool at first, it lacks playability. The flag placement is boring. The dried up river is really cool, but there is absolutely no reason to use it. Id love to see a map with this same structure and layout, but more interesting flag placement.

Carentan – A lot like Caen. Still looks interesting.

Mortain – Reminds me of Battle of the Bulge, one of my favorite maps.

Liberation of Harligen – Very interesting map. A little hard to navigate, but it could be fun with a good sized group.

Blood Gulch – I really regret never working this one in. Just like the map from Halo, but for BF. I love this map on Halo.

There you have it. Maps I liked, but never had a chance to include for one reason or another. If you are looking for some custom maps for a lan or something, I hope this list will help you out. In the future, look for our official custom map database. We are working on it now and hope to have it up soon with reviews, ratings and the low down on the best custom maps for BF42, BFV and maybe even FarCry.

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