BF42 Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night

We need your help. Gamers Radio and The BF Conversion Team have joined forces to test BF42 map candidates for inclusion in the Official BFV WWII Mod (Extended). This mod is currently converting all, yes all, the standard maps from Battlefield 1942 to the Battlefield Vietnam game engine.

The goal is to include 10 custom maps in the official release. Custom maps are a big part of the BF experience and we want to show our appreciation by including some of the best custom maps BF42 has to offer. Before deciding which 10 maps to use, we want to play them. After all, the most important factor is how much fun is it to play the map online.

This is your chance to frag the Gang at Gamers Radio and meet the Developers of the Official BFV WWII Mod (Extended) for BFV. Not to mention, play the best of the best in custom maps for Battlefield 1942 before they are converted to Battlefield Vietnam.

Here is your map line up.

304 Fields of the Fallen | GRB Ghost Front | Battle for Bastonge | Ruhr Valley
Corsica | Battle for Rome | China Sea | Midway 2000

Date: October 15th
Time: 7pm CST until we get tired of playing.

Location: United States
Server: |GRB|
Port: 15567

Map Pack: Registration Required

Most Importantly, Spread The Word and We will see you this Friday Night.

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