BFV Update Released For Client

Posted on the Punkbusters website today:

Version 1.084 of the PB Client for BFV has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page.

Release Notes for PB Client v1.084:

– includes a new setting called pb_netport that can be used as a workaround for players who get “Disconnected from server” after PB sends Master Query Packets; the default value for this setting is 0 which means PB will continue to use the games network socket to communicate with PB masters; setting this to a non-zero value (such as 15000) will cause PB to use a separate network socket for Master Query Packets; this setting can be placed into the pbcl.cfg file in the pb folder to configure PB to use this setting each time it initializes; NOTE that players with a firewall or personal security software may need to configure these separately to fully allow traffic on the chosen port

– starting with this version 1.084, the PB Client now requires the game to be run as the administrator user or equivalent under Windows XP/2K (see our FAQ for more info).

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