Big Station Update

We are always looking for new bands to add to the radio station, be it signed or unsigned. We went through several hundred songs and came up with a list of what we think are some interesting sounding indie artists. We hope you like them. As always, use the Live365 browser thumbs up and thumbs down to tell us what you think of these songs. If you dont like it, we wont keep playing it. If you do like them, make sure you give it a thumbs up!

Here is the list. Keep an ear out for them. Listen Now!

ArtistSong – Album
FailsafeDoyle – Nothing But Sky
fallenFeed off the Negative – Half Of What You Wanted
StigmaDisease On Demand – Half Of What You Wanted
ALLOSCollapsing Machine – Across The Room
Channel 43My Qal Gal – Road to Anywhere
DomiUninspired – Pharaohs Daughter
GrindboxMy Disease – the sea of somthing
IdiotDeviation – Nothing But Sky
IntangibleLean – Elevate
IntangibleRelease – Elevate
Mobiswither – Just Like That JennaRation
NGBCold – Fear of Flying
NGBCold2 – The Spiral Eyes
Patience WorthIn Vain – The Bad Machine
Redesignwait for you – Lynoleum
redlightmusicBeautiful – redlightmusic
redlightmusicSay It Again – redlightmusic
SOUND&FURYPerfectly Wrong – reflections
SPLYTThe Other Side – Figureheads
TechnocracyHow We Die – Crush
THUMPFLUIDBroken Crown – Nine
TWYTCHHatred – Light Of Day
zombies of the stratospheretown & country – Kill The Music: Volume 1

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