Can Enterprise Be Saved?

I am a big fan of SciFi. I especially love Star Trek and have watched every series to come down the pipe. I was excited when I learned the next major Star Trek series would focus on the first Enterprise. As a fan, I could only imagine the cool things they could do with Star Trek history so established, yet still open.

Sadly, UPN has done a terrible job of supporting Star Trek Enterprise, putting it up against other highly viable SciFi series like Smallville and StarGate SG1 on the SciFi channel. If it wasnt for my Tivo, I would be in big trouble, but I had managed to keep up.

Now, the official Fan website, Enterprise Fans has taken up donations to place a full page ad in the LA Times, requesting that Star Trek Enterprise be saved or at least picked up by another station. I support this endeavor and could only dream of a SciFi Friday Night with Star Trek Enterprise, StarGate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica.

Oh and if you are wondering, I watch them via Tivo on Saturday. I couldnt miss our Friday Night Fights…. 🙂

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