Cheating in Multiplayer Battlefield 1942

It is no secret. I am a huge fan of Battlefield 1942. I bought Neverwinter Nights and before I could load it, started playing the pre-release Demo for Battlefield 1942. I have been hooked ever since. Did I mention I still have not loaded Neverwinter Nights?

I wanted to write this article to address cheating. I recently discovered there are four cheats for multiplayer BF 1942. Two of them bog your system down too much to be of any use and one is blantantly obvious when in use. The one that concerns me allows you to hit your opponent easier in a fire fight. It creates a situation where you question how “good” someone really is. Personally, I hate cheating. I think it ruins a game. What I would like to know in our latest poll is this: Do you cheat? I know a lot of BF 1942 players visit this site and I want to know, do you cheat. I am curious to see how many players actively cheat.

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