Counter-Strike: True Game of Skill or Hackers Paradise?

For about a year now, I have been an avid player of Counter-Strike. Counter-strike is one of Half-Lifes most popular mods, and for a reason. The game is fast paced, realistic and requires teamwork and strategy. However, just as all games have problems with hackers, CS is no exception. This game has been plagued with scripts and hacks since day one. The big problem is; These hacks are very simple to design and can be found almost anywhere on the net. The game used to be fun; but not anymore, now there are cheaters running rampant in servers. Hacks such as, “Wall Hacks” (makes walls see through) and “Aim-Bot” (aims for you by using special colored models) have turned it into a free for all. Luckily, not all games are so ruined. Many other Half-Life mods are cheat free (for the most part). The problem is, there arent nearly as many people playing thos games, so, you could find it hard to get a good game going. I had to write this, as I have been struck down by a cheaters bullet far too many times, and today was the day where I chose to speak out against it! What do you think? Do you feel the same way? Speak up! Be heard!

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