Custom Map Blowout!

Our BF42 GRB Custom Map blowout was so successful, we decided to release the rest of our Battlefield Vietnam maps and do another Friday Night Fights Custom Map blowout for BFV! There will 8 maps this time around. Some of them have been released, some of them are never seen before except by the GRBs. These maps are great, but keep in mind they have not been through our extensive testing and may not 100% complete. Either way, this will be a fun night and you only get one shot, so spread the word! Here is your map line up.

Smokey Falls | Assualt Island | City In The Sewers | Operation Hanoi Garden
No Remorse | Guadalnam | Ghost In The Darkness | Sacred Grounds

Download HERE!

Friday, March 18th starting at 7pm
Server: |GRB|

Our thanks go out to |GRB| LoU-Cipher, |GRB| Raze, |GRB| GreatXScott and |GRB| ehil for all the hard work they put into these maps and custom map nights to make them a success! And to all the |GRB|s that come to these events to support there buds, we salute you!

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