Desert Combat Final Reviewed

The people over at Amped Gaming News have posted a very good review of the recently released Desert Combat Final.

“The Desert Combat community has finally received the release they have been waiting for. The release of Desert Combat Final is the first release of Desert Combat since the DC 0.7 release on February 7th. The name Desert Combat Final lets everyone know that the developer team wanted to finish the mod, and make it perfect. If I was to list all the changes in the update you would be reading for days. In short just about everything has changed, and for the good. There is lots of new maps, vehicles and weapons. Also the lighting and sound of the game has changed drastically. Below we take a look at all the new things that were added, as well as the graphics and sound of the latest and last release of Desert Combat.”

Go read the full review!
Amped Gaming News DC_Final Review

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