EA announce next Battlefield 1942 Patch 1.5

EA/Dice has an updated on the next patch (v1.5) for Battlefield 1942. The major item include a fix for the CD swapping. I am glad they are addressing the problem introduced in the 1.45 patch. I have been unable to play the Road To Rome Expansion since they started this crap. There is no release date listed at this time.

Read On for the complete info, directly from the official website. This patch is primarily a content upgrade which modifies the Japanese and US forces in the Pacific Theater. It also introduces a new map for the Pacific. This patch also includes a fix for the CD-Swapping issue introduced with 1.45.

Pacific Theater Update

New US Marine Skin

New Engineer Rifles – M1 Garand/Type 5

New Japanese APC – Type 1 “Ho-Ha”

New Japanese Scout Car – Type 95 “Black Medal”

New Map

Invasion of the Philippines

In this new conquest map for Battlefield 1942, naval warfare and infantry island invasions take center stage in a raging firefight for the Philippines Islands. The shallow water between the islands act as a barrier to the invading Japanese Destroyer, but is no problem for the fast patrol craft used by either side. In some cases, islands are so close together that infantry can wade between them.

The Invasion of the Philippines map introduces two new vehicles: the Elco 80 PT Boat for the US Marines and the Type 38 coastal craft for the Japanese. These fast patrol craft are the most heavily armed for their size in either navy packing torpedoes, machineguns and sea mines into one pint-sized warcraft. With their size, speed and manueverability they bring naval warfare into knife-fighting range. From fast naval action to beach invasions to fierce jungle combat, Invasion of the Philippines brings a new intensity to the battlefield.

Bug Fix


Impact on MODS

Following is a list of changes which might impact mods currently in development:
New Animation State – ClipEject. Allows proper reload animation for M1 Garand (which cannot be reloaded until its empty).

New Projectile Material – Both M1 Garand and Type 5 rifle use a new material in the damage system.

New Army Skin – US Pacific Theater Army changed to US Marine.

New Armour Material – PT Boats and dinghys

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