EA Battlefield 1942 Map Contest Winners Announced

EA has announced the winners of their map contest and the top 5 out of the more than 130 entries that they received are:

1st Place – Nuenen by “bleibringer”
2nd Place – Kasserine by Caleb “Danish Monkey” Doughty
3rd Place – Battle for Guam by LSCIncognito of the Lost Sleep Clan
4th Place – St Sauveur by John “PacketlossPete” Buskohl
5th Place – Battle of Hurtgen Forest by Robert Kozura

The full announcement can be found here: http://www.eagames.com/official/battlefield/1942/us/editorial/community_message_45.jsp

Evil Homers Deathtrap and some EA servers have been dedicated to running these maps, and I found some of them populated last night and was able to play a few rounds. So is our server, GamersRadio.com 1.6 Pure .Ed I played St Sauveur and Battle fo Hurtgen Forest a number of times. St. Sauver is a large map with great hedgerows and lots of armor. This map is fun to play, although you need a pretty good number of players to make it a challenge. Someone on Evil Homers server last night said that Hurtgen Forest should be called “Hurtin Forest”. This map is an infantry based slugfest. No armor, but a few jeeps/kubels and APCs per side. Great terrain that keeps you deep in a valley. The rounds that I played were back and forth the entire time with constant, intense infantry battles.

Enough of my speil. Go get the maps and play. Download is about 140 MB.


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