EA Battlefield Vietnam Community Announcement

EA posted a community announcement this afternoon regarding the immenent release of the first Battlefield Vietnam Patch (version 1.01). I have included the entire update in the read more section (except for the “lease a server ad”), so read more to find out what its all about. From DICE and EA Games

Update 1.01 Info
DICE and EA are pleased to announce that the first Battlefield Vietnam update has entered the home stretch here at EA and should be ready for release in the very near future. Weve spent some time gathering and evaluating the feedback on Battlefield Vietnam from the community, community forums and from the Battlefield Vietnam Performance Issues e-mails we solicited back in mid-March. Were happy to report that we have been able to address many of these issues for the update.

While future Battlefield Vietnam updates will include game features that were added to Battlefield 1942 post-ship (such as the Voting GUI), v1.01 is intended to address community related issues. The following is a list of the major items being addressed in v1.01. Of particular note in this list are tweaks to server functionality that should provide a much improved play-experience on servers that are hosting high-player-count games (please note the server hardware requirements posted in the Community Update from April 9, fixes to the internal server browser functionality, and rebalancing of the M60, the RPD and the US Heavy Assault kits.

General optimizations to reduce server lag
CDkey hash added to game.listplayers output
game.listPlayers uses the new format:
#Id: – is remote ip: : hash:
Gamespy port setting fixed
game.gameSpyPort – now working
game.gameSpyLANPort – now working
game.ASEPort – removed (not supported by ASE)
All Seeing Eye updated
Battlefield Vientam games no longer appear in Battlefield 1942 ASE list
Player details should appear correctly in ASE server list

Sort by Ping fixed in Server Browser
Scrollbar fixed in Server Browser
Soldier prediction fixed to remove jerky movements when walking/jumping
M60 removed from the LAW kit and replaced with M14
M60 and RPD min/max bullet deviation increased when standing/moving
M60 and RPD max bullet deviation decreased slightly when prone
Rate of fire and velocity of M60/RPD adjusted
Player movement speeds on Heavy Assault kits reduced slightly
Network overhead of vehicle engines and airlifting significantly reduced
Added minimap warning icon when enemies are within capture radius of an opposing team flag
Keep an eye on this space in the coming weeks for an announcement on the release of 1.01.

Looking for Technical Support?
Just a reminder to the Battlefield community that support requests for Battlefield 1942, Road to Rome, Secret Weapons of World War 2 and Battlefield Vietnam should be submitted through the web interface found at our customer support web site. If the FAQ for Battlefield Vietnam does not address the issue you are having, please use the “Ask a Question” interface to submit your issue. You can also direct your request to a Customer Support Representative by phone at (650) 628-8468. Please do not send requests for Technical Support to BFHQ@ea.com.

Enjoy your weekend!

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