EA BF2 Stats Servers Hacked!

Discovered this thread started by forum member “Zero2Zero” on TotalBF2

Well, what a wonderful few days it has been. Since EA didnt take the time to respond (or maybe even read) our emails about various stats-server security holes, it clearly showed us how much they care. Therefore, we came to the conclusion that modifying 5 million accounts wouldnt be that big of a deal.

That being said, accounts with ids from 40,000,000 to 45,000,000 now have all of their weapons unlocked.

What will be next week? Perhaps well give everyone their Distinguished Service Medal, or maybe well elevate everyone to the rank of Sergeant Major.

The balls in your court, EA. Times up at the buzzer, how well will you play?

The response from [EA]Die Fledermaus:

In the future, if you really are concerned about “exposing security holes” to EA (which I sincerely doubt) rather than grandstanding, please e-mail me personally since it appears that you dont have the correct contact info. I will PM you the address.

All of the changes made will be rolled back in the next couple hours. Users may have to rechoose any unlocks they would have legitimately made in the last day or so as a result of the roll-back, but no stats should be lost.

-ben aka [EA]Die Fledermaus

People in that account number range have reported having all weapons unlocked, although it does look like they are being reset this evening. While this is certainly a way to get attention and expose security holes, it also sounds like they did not try too hard to contact the appropriate people at EA. Who knows….

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