EA BF2 Update – Patches and Booster Packs, Oh My!

Thanks to Duck for spotting this one 😉

In a community update, EA/DICE provided some details on the upcoming 1.2 patch for Battlefield 2 as well as info on the two “Booster Packs” that they are releasing this spring. The patch is currently in beta testing and seems to be addressing many of the complaints that have been heard from the community. The first of the “Booster Packs”, called “Euro Force” will be released on February 8th and sees the introduction of the all-new European Army (with new weapons and vehicles) in 3 new maps. March 28th sees the release of “Armored Fury” which will focus on large armored battles.

Click on read more to see the full list of changes confirmed in the patch

The entirety of the community update can be read here: January 11th, 2006 BF2 Community Update

Complain about stuff in this thread with us. Update 1.2 is currently undergoing public beta testing and will be released very soon. As with the first list, this second list includes confirmed fixes only:

* Helicopter now carry 8 missiles rather than 14
* TV-Guided missile now have a shorter range
* Hit points on all air vehicles has been reduced
* AA missile lock has been improved
* Support kits have had their primary weapons adjusted for accuracy
* Sniper kits have had their primary weapons adjusted for accuracy
* Anti-Tank kits have had their primary weapons adjusted for accuracy
* “Dolphin Diving” is no longer possible
* Players can no longer jump and shoot at the same time
* “Prone Spamming” is now fixed
* “Sprint exploit” is now fixed
* The Sa80 weapon has been improved
* The G3A3 weapon has been improved
* Reload while sprinting has been enabled
* Chinese and MEC APCs can now shoot through penetrable materials
* Damage decreased for the M134
* Medic defibrillator paddles have been adjusted. They now reload while not in use.
* Server search filters now work properly
* All mines (Claymore, Anti-vehicle, C4) can now be picked up by the same class that dropped it by using the “G” key.
* Mines can no longer be destroyed with other explosives
* Flash bang effect radius decreased
* Added unlocks for Sniper and AT kits
* Fixed a bug in terrain rendering with night vision, whereby terrain was still dark in dark areas.
* Fixed a bug whereby mods that are not bf2 or not xpack permutate shaders every time a level is loaded.
* Fixed a bug whereby non-xpack mods cannot use xpack shaders.
* Fixed bug in TV guided missiles of Havoc helicopter
* Bug in MP7 fire rate fixed. Ammo count increased and mag count and damage decreased
* APC Update – “Chinese and MEC APCs can now shoot through penetrable materials”. This fix was a miscommunication to the patch team. Chinese and MEC APC’s have been reverted and the LAV25 now no longer shoots through penetrable materials.
* Vehicles no longer disappear when viewed from some vehicles with a HUD (e.g. Tanks).
* Performance gain found in static mesh rendering.
* Detonation radius from grenade launcher explosions has been reduced.
* Grenade launcher projectiles now have a minimum time before arming.

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