EA Games releases new map, Coral Sea for Battlefield 1942

Ok, so it is really early Christmas morning and I had to drop my loved one off at work way too early. I decided what better way to spend Christmas, than mowing down other poor smucks who have nothing better to do on Christmas, than play violent online games (SIC). Did I mention Im dog ass tired?!? But, like my childhood, I just cant seem to go back to sleep. It is Christmas after all.

So, here I am refreshing the Nvidia servers, when I see two of the servers playing a new map? Huh?!? I have not heard anything about a new map being released. Well, I guess the guys over at BF1942 decided to give a Christmas present. My download is done and Coral Sea is installed. You can get your own copy on the official Battlefield 1942 webpage and Ill frag you later, err see you later on the Nvidia servers.

BTW, Merry Christmas and a Fraggy New Year!

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