Eminem and Battlefield 1942

I have been checking my referrer logs lately to see how traffic to GR was going and something interesting started showing up. It seems a lot of people have been searching for Battlefield 1942 and Eminem.

The first time I saw it, I thought it was a fluke, but when it started showing up more and more, I decided to check out google and see why people were looking up this unusual combination of words.

Click Read More… for the rest of the story. It seems my recent story on Eminem doing a Girls Gone Wild video was getting mixed with my Battlefield 1942 coverage on this particular google search. I was listed on the first page for something I had no idea existed, until now.

Thanks to the guy listed right before me on google, I now know what is going on. Let me be the first to say you have to see this movie!!! It is absolutely freaking hysterical.


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