Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Preview

Gamespy has a preview of the upcoming shooterfest, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. This wasnt a hands on play test, but rather ID showing off a few of the classes, vehicles and lighting elements.

From the article:

From what we saw, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars could be best described as a collision between worlds: the class-based, objective-driven combat of Enemy Territory; the sprawling, vehicle-laden outdoor maps of the Battlefield games; the futuristic feel of the Quake universe, pitting the Earths Global Defense Force (GDF) against an incoming Strogg invasion. In some ways, you could think of it as “Battlefield 2152.”

They claim this is a screenshot of the interior. I hope they are telling the truth because Ive seen screenshots before games come out that look incredible, then the game actually looks nothing like the early screenshots. Ahem! BF2….

I hate to give away the end of the article, but if what they say is true, I cant wait to play this game.

…as fans of both Enemy Territory and the Battlefield series, we cant wait to see more…

This Preview Article is short, but deffinately worth reading.

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