Episode 1 – Get Your Question In Now!

Gamers Radio is proud to present their very first Gaming Talk Podcast. For our first show, we have lined up a very special guest. Lars Gustavsson, the Creative Director for DICE Sweden has agreed to do an interview. The topic of discussion will be the process DICE/EA uses to develop and test patches before release. We are also going to discus why a patch was released that had a memory leak given EAs lengthy QA process.

In addition, we want to give you a chance to submit questions for the interview. What would you like to ask DICE concerning the way Battlefield 2 has been patched? We will pick the best questions from the submissions and include them in the interview. If we select your question, you will be eligible to win a Gamers Radio Prize package.

As a tribute to the infamous “memory leak”, we have a special treat for the winner. Besides the few music CDs and Gamers Radio Swag we are going to send your way, Crucial Memory has agreed to send the winner a 1GB kit featuring Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC4000 high-performance memory (http://www.crucial.com/ballistix/). I bet BF2 would run sweet on that! Oh yea, they are also going to include a bunch of cool Ballistix Swag! How cool is that?

Send your question to podcast(at)gamersradio.com. Please include your name(Nic is fine), Location and one question. Make sure you get your questions in quick! We are making our selections this Sunday. Then, keep an eye out for the release of our first episode of Gamers Radio Podcast! I guarantee this is one Podcast you do not want to miss!

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