Finally, Someone Gets It!

Deep down inside, I know there is an eloquent writer just waiting to be heard. Since my subconscious iD seems to have squashed that little guy like EA squashes independent game studios, I have no choice but to let others do my speaking for me.

Enter David Wong. His article, Life After the Video Game Crash covers his impressions of E3 and the brewing console wars. In it, he highlights what happened in the mid 80s when the first gaming crash occurred. He even predicts that crash is about to happen again. I agree with him, but I want to add one more thing to his great article. The more games that are made for PCs in conjunction with consoles, the further down into the pit of hell PC gaming will slip.

Case in point.

History says otherwise. History says that youd eventually get bored with the machine even if there wasnt a better one to replace it.

Lets take this a bit further.

Which brings us to today. Weve now advanced from realistic 3D to slightly prettier 3D and… even slightlier prettier 3D with slightly better reflection effects and slightly better animated water ripples and – oh, look! This game has the most realistic fog yet!

See the problem?

What does an art form that relies on novelty do when it can no longer offer up anything novel?

Does any particular PC game come to mind? Yea, pick one. Battlefield 2142194268-72, Quake MMMMCDXIX, UT2069? Bueller? Bueller?

Battlefield 1942 was popular because it was different from anything else out there. Battlefield 2142 is the same old wolf in sheeps clothing. It is this exact reason that I predict BF2142 will ultimately be the worst selling of the franchise.

I know… I know… You think I am just EA bashing. Well…. Ok, so I am. Can you blame me? Every time a company develops a hot property that breaks the mold, they buy it up and run it into the ground. To make matters worse, when was the last time EA developed a unique, original game?

Im saying both Sony and Microsoft will wind up losing money on their consoles this time around. Nintendo wont, because they quite frankly dont seem to have that much invested. I think the pool of gamers, for the first time in 20 years, will shrink.

If I remember correctly, EA lost money last quarter because of the delay of the next generation of consoles. EAs fate is inevitably tied to the guys mentioned above. As a gamer, and an older gamer at that, I am ready for my next fix. I dont count on these guys to provide it.

Or even worse, I may get to where I have to practice a game, working to make my skills sharper and sharper so I can rub victory in the face of annoying teenagers Ill never meet, feeling the pressure to log more and more hours in the game so I dont embarrass myself in matches. I dont want to do that. I want to relax. I want to play.

….I want something new, exciting, innovating and entertaining….! Not a rehash of the same crap with better water, fire and fog.

Can I get a Hallelujah, Amen Brother David!

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