Finally, The Digital Revolution Is Really Here!

There is something interesting happening right under Microsofts nose. I wonder if they even realize it. M$ has been trying to get into the Entertainment industry for quite some time with Windows XP Media Center Edition. I wouldnt call it a success, but a few people like it.

However, the little company that could, Apple, has done something to thwart M$s endeavor into the world of Computers in the Home Entertainment Theater. Look around and you will see recent announcements that Apple is adding even more content to their Itunes Video offerings. Shows like Battlestar Galactica, The Office, Surface and classics like Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Adam-12 and Knight Rider (Raze, your dreams have come true!).

For $1.99, you can legally download episodes you missed to your Video Ipod. But wait! Who would want to watch tv on a tiny 2 inch screen for $1.99 an episode? You are missing the point. Its not about the Ipod. Its about being able to download TV shows for a reasonable price legally. In fact, nothing says you have to play it on an Ipod. You could play it from any computer using Quicktime and pipe it out to your big screen TV. I have S-Video on my laptop and I can push the video to my 42” TV just as easily as I can watch it on an Ipod. That is the beauty of this whole situation. Without buying Windows XP Media Center Edition, Apple has given me an easy way to use my everyday laptop as a Media Center computer without paying the Microsoft Tax.

Another company that should be paying attention is Tivo. Its rumored that Apple is going to launch a DVR next. Imagine that? You can record your favorite TV shows for free, but miss an episode and for $1.99 you can grab it outside the normal delivery cycle. I love my Tivo, but if the price was right, I would buy an Apple DVR and put my Tivo on Ebay.

The thing that really gets me about this whole situation is the only people that understand the digital revolution is about cheap and easily acquired digital content is Apple and a few Hundred Million PC users. Are you listening RIAA? MPAA?

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