Its that time again boys and girls! Battlefield Vietnam Custom Map Night! This time around, we have a brand new Dual Xeon Monster server (thanks to donations from the GRBs) and we will dedicate the whole thing to custom map night if it will allow us to have a lag free frag fest!

The line up includes some great quality maps and one new map from the GRB, called Operation Ebony Eyes featuring some of the coolest high rise buildings you have ever seen. Back by popular demand will be our own Ghost In The Darkness, with some of the coolest tunnels this side of the real thing.

Here is your line up:
Nui Ba Dihn
One Last Try
Vinh Thanh Valley
GRB Operation Ebony Eyes
GRB Ghost in the Darkness

ephil is working on the custom installer and the download should be available sometime in the next two days. Keep it here for updated info on the download and we will see you at our Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night.

P.S. BF42 Custom Map Night will be the following Friday, August 6th! Yippee!

Map pack is available!!! : Map Pack #8

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