For Sale – Awesome Gaming Publisher, No Profit

In more news about my personal favorite game company, Interplay is up for sale. I did a little digging and it seems they lost $8.4 million last quarter. I dont know about you, but I would hate to loose Interplay. They have been my favorite publisher ever since the original Diablo days. (Back when they published Diablo, unlike today where EA publishes it.)
I am not one to complain about warez, but if you like a company, support that company through the purchase of their products. It helps guarantee they will continue putting out good products. This is a shinning example of why. Think of all the games we would not have been able to play without Interplay: Diablo, Warcraft I & II, Starcraft (these three are no longer published by them), Baldurs Gate I & II, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, Carmeggedon (hey, it was fun!), M.A.X., MDK, MDK2, Redneck Rampage (come on, how many games let you take a piss as a way to replenish your character?!? Yeeehaaaaw!), Shogo, a ton of Star Trek games including Commander I & II, and Worms World Party (Have you played worms? It is a freaking blast to beat up on your spouse!). I hope whoever buys them will not screw them up. My gaming life would really suck without them.

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