Forgotten Hope Announces Move to BF2 Engine

In an update to the short interview that we did with the Forgotten Hope Mod team back in April, they made a big announcement today:

Flying in to the United Kingdom, Armin Ace visited an EA development studio together with several members from other mod teams for a two-day trip full of information, presentations and experiences. Right afterwards, many made a stop at Berlin to join the EA Community Event. News posters from the most known German community pages and developers from all sorts of mods reported in, as did our own news poster BUG$.

Battlefield 2 was no longer an unknown with only rumours and speculation to go on. Battlefield 2 became something tangible as we played the game and used the editor that will be at our disposal once the game is out. Finally we had a chance to see what BF2 is capable of, what it looks like, what it feels like, what tools we can use for modding. Finally we were able to compare BF1942 with BF2 and make an informed decision about porting the mod to the new engine. After this there is no longer a crossroad. The path has turned into a straight highway with only one direction to go: Battlefield 2

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