Frag.Ops to appear on UT2004: Editors Choice Edition

– Press Release –

Pandora-Studios signs an agreement with Epic Games, Inc. to publish their mod, Frag.Ops, under a one-time contract for the UT2004 Editors Choice Edition. Frag.Ops, the most played UT2003 mod ever made and currently one of the most popular UT2004 mods, will appear on the special edition with several other well-known mods as a free supplement to Epics highly acclaimed UT2004 game. Frag.Ops is a near-future tactical first-person shooter, and has won several press awards in the mod-making field for both graphical realism and excellent gameplay. In addition, FO has placed as a finalist twice for “Best FPS mod” in the NVidia Make Something Unreal contest, taking 5th place once and again 4th in the most recent judging. It also received several honorable mentions for 3D models, sound, and level design.”

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