Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night

Its that time again boys and girls. We are breaking out the custom maps and this time around, it is our First ever Battlefield Vietnam Custom Map Night. This Friday Night, May 28th, starting at 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST will be 6 custom maps for BFV. We will play into the early hours of the morning, so drop by any time.

The Line Up!

GRB No Remorse
GRB No Rest for the Wicked
Doing The Village
Hill Nine Three Seven
Lao Thu Isle
The Junglehunt

For you fans of 304 Fields of the Fallen and 304 House of Hellsing, you better be there because the first two are incredible work from none other than GRB’s LoU-Cipher and GreatXScott with testing done by all of us in the Gamers Radio Battalion. You expect quality custom maps from us and you are going to get it. These maps have Custom Load Screens, Custom Insignias, some of the bluest water this side of FarCry and get this…… We have an underwater Tunnel System. Thats right, its cheesy, but its cool. The entrance is hidden well, so you better ask a GRB how to get into it. As a tease, we are working on at least 6 more maps, including 2 vanilla BF42 inspired maps, a remake of our own Ghost Front from BF42 and some of the sickest mapping ever seen for Battlefield Vietnam!

We are working on the single custom installer right now. As soon as it is ready, we will post it in the download section. See you Friday night!

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